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        Photography has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. From a very young age I was captivated by my father's camera. While serving in the US Army, he was stationed in Germany. During this time he purchased a Kodak Retina Camera and created 100's of slides of his time in Europe. I remember sitting and viewing these slides over and over. I even managed to show some in school during show and tell. Once I became old enough I wanted to create images too. Like my father, color slide film was my first choice.

       Over time, I became interested in traditional black and white film and darkroom work. At a time when everything is digital, when possible, I choose to create my black and white images using film. I use a medium format 6 x 7 cm camera, giving me a negative almost 4 times larger than that from a 35mm camera. Having my own darkroom allows for total control over all stages needed when creating my Silver Gelatin Prints. From choosing the film, developers, paper, toners, etc. The choices are all mine.

       I'm now utilizing Digital Techniques for my Color and Monochrome images. Using Nikon full frame Cameras, Canon Pigment Ink Printers, and the Digital Darkroom methods to create images that stay true to my photographic vision.

       My goal as a photographer is to create images that, no matter how simple the subject matter, it draws you in. I strive to make the viewer curious about what they are looking at, without manipulations. If it wasn't there when I took it. It wont be there in the final print. 


I'm a member of these Art Associations; 

Newburyport Art Association, 

The Rocky Neck Art Colony,